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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simplism Emergency Battery, Dual USB Charger Slide + Dual USB Charger Air

Sold separately from one another, Japanese brand Simplism's new wall chargers are battery pack offer slightly different twists on accessories we've seen before with similar functionality. The Emergency Battery ($25) isn't actually a battery, but a Dock Connector with a plastic shell capable of turning any set of three AAA batteries into an emergency charger for a depleted iPod or iPhone. It includes a cap for protection of the Dock Connector when not in use. The Dual USB Charger Air ($17) uses a pop-open compartment similar to the MacBook Air's to hide two USB ports for wall charging, while Dual USB Charger Slide ($17) has a slide-closed compartment to shield its two ports while you're traveling. Both have fold-out wall blades on the back, and all three accessories come in black or white plastic versions.

Simplism Cases for iPod nano (5th)

Those assured of the wisdom of wearing iPhones or iPods around their necks may be interested in Japanese brand Simplism's DockStrap ($10), a rubber lanyard with a plastic locking Dock Connector at one end. The Dock Connector is of the older Apple style with prong-like clips in its base for a more secure attachment to the device; five different colors are available.

Simplism Crystal Cover Plus for iPod shuffle (3rd)

As one of the only interesting new third-generation iPod shuffle cases out there, Japanese brand Simplism's Crystal Cover Plus ($10) is a shield for the front and sides of the latest iPod shuffle, plus a large integrated cord manager for the device's headphones. Simplism includes film to protect the shuffle's highly scratchable rear clip, and offers the Crystal Cover Plus in clear or smoke black versions.

Simplism Remote Controller 3 Buttons for iPod

Sold in white or black versions, Simplism's Remote Controller for iPod ($20, aka Remote Controller 3 Buttons) adds a three-button remote control to any pair of headphones you already own, enabling them to be used with the third-generation iPod shuffle, as well as offering volume and play/pause controls for the 2008-2009 iPod classic, iPod nano 4G/5G, iPod touch 2G/3G, and iPhone 3GS. The boxy remote does not include an integrated microphone, but does have a clip on the back for attachment to your shirt.

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live for ipod lovers

On the surface, Belkin's new TuneCast Auto Live ($80) looks a lot like its prior-generation FM transmitter and car charger TuneCast Auto, but surprise: it offers app integration. A free download of the Belkin ClearScan Live application -- triggered by connecting the plugged-in accessory to an iPhone -- quickly adds on-device clear station finding, audio adjustment, twin presets, and manual tuning capabilities, replicating the buttons of the TuneCast Auto Live transmitter unit. If you're using an iPhone 3G or 3GS, the clear station locator uses GPS to find the best stations near you; otherwise, you can use the ClearScan button to automatically hunt for the stations, then adjust your radio to match its findings. This version of TuneCast Auto has an amber screen, as distinguished from its bright white predecessor.

V-Moda Remix + Remix Vocal for ipods, iphone

Redesigned from the company's earlier Vibe series of earphones, V-Moda's new Remix and Remix Vocal ($100) are two-tone metal canalphones with style -- machined metal bodies, rubber cabling, and raygun-style headphone plugs compatible with iPhones and iPods alike. Remix is a version without an in-line three-button remote control and mic; the Vocal version has the unit located at the Y-split junction below your neck. Silicone tips, sport earhooks, and a fabric drawstring carrying case are all included.

V-Moda Crossfade for ipods

Developed as a metal DJ headphone, V-Moda's new Crossfade ($200) comes in two versions -- over-ear and on-ear with the over-ear phones shown here -- each in multiple colors. Beautiful little touches include alternating leather and fabric padding, metal extension arms, partially metal earcups, detachable fabric cables and a very distinctive molded carrying case. The earphones are outrageously bass-heavy, in what's now consistent V-Moda fashion.

GREAT APP...Facebook 3.1 for iPhone, iPod touch brings Push support

Social networking site Facebook has released version 3.1 of its official application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The updated application offers optional Push Notifications for friend requests, wall posts, comments, and more, the ability to sync Facebook friends with your Address Book, and a choice of Live Feed within the main News Feed filter options. Facebook 3.1 is available now as a free download fromimage the App Store.

Dexim launches new products for iPods, iPhone 3g and 2g

Dexim has announced a number of new products for the iPod and iPhone. Based on the company’s currently-available P-Flip Power Play Dock for iPhone/iPod touch, Dexim’s new DCA199 Solar-Powered P-Flip offers up to eight hours of extended talk time, 15 hours of video or gaming time, or 80 extra hours of audio playback, and can flip horizontally or vertically for hands-free viewing, or fold up for storage. It will sell for $80.
imageAlso new is the Power Case for the fifth-generation iPod nano. This new case offers an antenna for improved radio reception, a built-in flashlight for shooting video in low light, a built in 600mAh lithium polymer battery, a pass-through USB port for charging and syncing, an integrated video stand, and a speaker for desktop listening. The Multi-functional Power Case for iPod nano 5G is priced at $50. Finally, Dexim is also introducing the DCA192 Single Docking Station and DCA166 Charging Car Mount, both of which will sell for $30. All of Dexim’s new products are expected to be available soon.

Monster introduces iCarCharger 800 for iPod, iPhone

imageMonster has introduced its new iCarCharger 800 two-in-one charger for the iPod and iPhone. The iCarCharger 800 allows users to charge two devices at once from an automobile’s cigarette lighter or power port. It does so with an integrated Dock Connector and a secondary in-line USB port that supports charging of a variety of USB devices, such as other iPods and iPhones, Bluetooth headsets, and more, through the secondary device’s supplied USB charging cable. Other features include an easy-to-read LED power status display, 1A of current output, and 24K gold charging contacts.