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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to your new home for iPod Tutorials

Brought to you by, this website is compiled of helpful information and informative tutorials that will assist you in repairing your iPod!
These tutorials are free and we encourage you to post links to these videos on your blogs, eBay auctions, as well as share the videos with your friends! You can either repair your iPod or help your friends repair their iPod as well.
Not only do we offer free videos, but free support can be gained from our Forums. Ask any questions you want and our helpful members and iPod enthusiasts should be able to help you repair your iPod.
New videos, updated videos, and a new website are on the way. needs an update and we're going to be bringing it to you very soon! Thanks for visiting home of the best iPod Repair Tutorials.

Where to Go for More Help

Sometimes you've got a tougher problem than can be solved on this website. In that situation, here are some blogs, messageboards, and stores you can go to for help from even more knowledgeable folks.

Apple's iPod Support Site

This is Apple's main page for support for all iPod models. A great place to seek more help.

Apple's iPod Discussion Boards

Apple's very active user forums are a great resource. Many of the people active here are iPod experts and are happy to help people who post questions.

Apple's iTunes Discussion Boards

When you're having trouble with iTunes, try these experts as both a library of discussions and a place to ask questions.

Find an Apple Genius Bar

When you've got an especially tough problem, you need a genius. An Apple genius. Each Apple Retail Store is staffed with a genius bar of top-level experts who can help you in person. These folks know it all.

iTunes problems

Sometimes you'll run into problems with iTunes - missing files, songs that you buy but don't download, etc. Here's what to do in those situations.

Why Is There a Delay in iTunes Store Billing

As anyone who has ever bought or downloaded something free from the iTunes Store has probably noticed, Apple doesn't bill you for your purchases immediately after your transaction is complete. A store not actually taking your money at the time it gives you your purchase is a little bit unusual. So what gives: why the delay in iTunes Store billing?

When I Import a CD to iTunes, the Songs Have No Names. Why?

When you import a CD to iTunes, you normally get an exact copy of the CD’s song and title information in iTunes, including all the songs' names, the album name, the artist name and other information. Sometimes, though, you’ll find that you’ve just a got a list of songs called “Song 1” and “Song 2” on an album by the ever-popular “Unknown Artist.

Help! My hard drive was erased or my computer stolen!

Whenever a hard drive is lost — whether it’s to a crash, accidental deletion, or theft — it’s a big problem. You lose things that you’ve bought as downloads, such as music purchased from the iTunes Store. If you’ve lost the contents of your hard drive, what can you do about getting your iTunes Store purchases back?

Are iTunes Movie Rentals Interruptible?

Sometimes Internet connections get lost during the download of purchased content, such as a movie rented from the iTunes Store. When it comes to iTunes Movie Rentals, just because your download didn’t complete properly doesn't mean you're stuck.

Can I Redownload an iTunes Store Purchase?

Help! I accidentally deleted a file I bought at the iTunes Store. How do I get it back without buying it again?

Paid For iTunes Store Item, But Download Never Happened

Problems with purchases at the iTunes Store can take some funny turns. Sometimes you’ll make a purchase, get billed, and receive your confirmation via email, but the thing you bought will just never download. If this has happened to you, are you stuck? Have you paid for something you’ll never get?

My iTunes Store Purchase Didn’t Download Completely

When buying from the iTunes Store, your purchase can be interrupted if you lose your connection to the Internet during the transaction. Since the billing part of the purchase happens so quickly, your Internet connection going out usually means that you won’t get to full download the item you purchased.

My iTunes Store Purchase Won’t Play

Sometimes, things you buy from the iTunes Store just won’t play. Whether it’s a song, a movie, or an audiobook, problems with iTunes prevent you from enjoying your purchase.

When You Can’t Report an iTunes Store Problem

Sometimes, problems with making purchases from the iTunes Store are so tricky or weird that you can’t follow the standard report a problem process for getting iTunes support.

Getting iTunes Support for Purchases by Reporting a Problem

Most of the time, buying songs, movies, or other content from the iTunes Store goes smoothly and you're enjoying your new content in no time at all. Sometimes, though, something goes wrong - and that's when it's helpful to know how to report a problem to Apple to get iTunes support.

Songs from iTunes Store Not Downloading

If you buy a song from the iTunes Store, but it doesn't download or you lose your Internet connection during the download, check out this guide for what to do provided by Apple.

Finding Lost Music

If you've bought and downloaded music, but now can't find it, check out Apple's guide to finding it.

iPhone Help & Troubleshooting

Tips and tricks for fixing your iPhone when it freezes or when other problems arise.

My Headset Isn't Working. Is My iPhone Headphone Jack Broken?

When I use my iPhone headphones, people can't hear me and I can't control the phone. Is my iPhone broken?

iPhone Help – All the Articles at

For such a complex device, the iPhone is pretty easy to use. Still, no matter how many smart people are involved in making it, things are bound to go wrong. From the minor (programs crashing) to the major (the iPhone screen going white), there are solutions for all these problems.

iPhone Manual for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS

Because the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are so similar (the hardware is a bit different, but the software is the same), there's just a single manual for the iPhone. However, when it comes to Product and Safety Info and QuickStart Guides, there's one for each model.

Fixing an iPhone White Screen

When your iPhone displays only white on its screen – not any icons, not the Apple logo, nothing else – this is clearly a problem. There are three steps you can take to try to fix it.

iPhone SIM Card Is Not Recognized

Some iPhone users will occasionally find that they can’t make calls or connect to the cellular data network. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, including that the iPhone doesn’t recognize the SIM card. Usually, fixing this problem requires no more than a paper clip.

Tips for iPod touch and iPhone Security

These days, iPhone security isn’t a topic too many end users are thinking a lot about. Yet. For those interested in iPhone security in these relatively safe times, here are some tips.

How to Turn Off the iPhone 3GS

In most cases, iPhone 3GS users don't want to fully turn their phones off when they're not using them. Instead, most of us usually just want to put the phone to sleep to conserve battery and prevent accidental calls. However, you might want to turn your phone off when it's got very low battery.

How to Reboot or Restart the iPhone 3GS

As it becoming clear the more and more features it gets, the iPhone 3GS is basically a small computer that can fit in your palm or your pocket. And though it may not look like your desktop or laptop, sometimes it needs to be restarted just like those bigger machines

Why Won’t iPhone Battery Charge When Connected to iMac Keyboard?

When I plug my iPhone into the USB ports on my iMc’s keyboard, the battery won’t charge. Why?

What Does Red iPhone Battery Icon Mean?

Sometimes when I try to turn on my iPhone, it’s unresponsive. All I see on the screen is a flashing red iPhone battery icon. What does that mean?

How to Erase or Reset iPhone Data and Settings

There comes a time in the life of many iPhones in which you may want or need to erase the data on the phone or reset all of its settings and data to the factory settings. It’s a drastic step, of course, because it means a full deletion of all your data and settings and – unless you backed it up – you won’t get it back.

How to Restore iPhone From Backup - Intro

While losing your iPhone’s data is never a pleasant experience, restoring iPhone data from a backup is a fairly simple task that can have you up and running again in no time.

My iPhone Icons are Shaking – What’s Happening?

From time to time, you may notice that you if you’ve been pressing on the iPhone’s screen, the icons will begin to shake or wiggle. And while wiggling iPhone icons may look a little silly, they’re actually perfectly normal.

My iPhone Email Won't Download

My iPhone running firmware 2.0 (and higher) isn’t downloading email, but I can access the Internet with Safari and other applications. What’s up, and how do I fix it?

Troubleshooting Remote on the iPhone or iPod touch

Connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer or AppleTV using Remote is usually pretty easy. However, sometimes - even when you follow the proper connection steps - you can’t establish the connection. In that case, try these troubleshooting steps.

How to Reset the iPhone 3G

Sometimes, the iPhone 3G gets so frozen that the standard force quit process for programs doesn't work. In that case, you'll need to reset the iPhone.

How to Quit a Frozen Program on the iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G is essentially a small computer and just like on larger computers, sometimes programs freeze and keep you from using the phone for anything else. In this situation, it's easy to quit that program.

How to Turn Off an iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G goes to sleep by default after it's been inactive for a certain period of time. That's just putting it to sleep, though. In some circumstances – like a very low battery – you may want to actually turn the iPhone off.

I’m Missing Calls Because My iPhone Isn’t Ringing

It can be a puzzling situation: you’re getting voicemails and missing calls, but your iPhone doesn’t ring. It may seem mysterious, or like your iPhone is broken, but it’s probably not. The missing sound of your phone ringing probably is caused by mis-assigned ringtones.

iPhone Battery Icon Isn’t Changing

The solution to the problem of an iPhone whose battery has run close to zero not having its battery icon change during a recharge.

Dealing with iPhone Browser Crashes

One of the most common complaints about the iPhone’s software is the tendency of the Safari web browser to crash. If you’re having frequent browser crashes on the iPhone, there are a couple of steps you can take to try to repair the problem.

Fixing iPhone Program Crashes and Stability Issues

The iPhone’s programs can crash just like those on your desktop or laptop computer. And, just like on your regular computer, this can be pretty frustrating. If you’re running into frequent iPhone program crashes, here are some tips for getting better stability from your iPhone.

How to Reset or Reboot iPhone

When the iPhone locks up or crashes, sometimes a standard restart won't work and you need to reset it. Here's how to reset or reboot the iPhone.

How To Turn Off or Restart an iPhone

The iPhone goes to sleep by default after it’s been inactive for a certain period of time. But what if you want to actually turn off the iPhone, not just let it sleep?

Checking for the Latest iPhone Firmware

Given that the release of new firmware for the iPhone is usually a bit of an event and widely discussed in many places, you’re not likely to be surprised by its release. However, if you’re not sure whether you have the newest iPhone firmware, the process of checking (and installing the update, if one is available) is quick.

How to Quit iPhone Programs

When iPhone programs lock up, sometimes they need to be quit or force quit. Here's how to quit iPhone programs.

General Maintenance

Learn how to care for, clean, and preserve your iPod.

How Do You Avoid iPod Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a potentially serious problem for any regular iPod or iPhone user. While there are some tips on how to avoid it in the linked article, there are many other techniques. What do you do to prevent damaging your hearing with your iPod?

Tips to Avoid iPod Hearing Loss

It’s ironic: the very thing that drives us to get an iPod – music – could prevent our ability to enjoy it. Listening to the iPod too much or too loud can lead to hearing loss. And even though most of us don’t think too much about it, iPod hearing loss is a serious risk for many iPod users

How to Update iPod software

Periodically, Apple releases iPod software updates that add features and fix bugs in the operating system that runs the iPod. The tool to update iPod software is built into iTunes.

Update iPod software

Periodically, Apple releases iPod software updates that add features and fix bugs in the operating system that runs the iPod. The tool to update iPod software is built into iTunes. Here's how to use it.

How Do You Fix a Wet iPod? - Fixing a Submerged iPod

The tips listed above are just a few ways to fix a wet iPod or iPhone. If your iPod or iPhone has gotten wet, what's worked for you in fixing it? What didn't work? Share your experiences and help others save their devices.

Can You Jailbreak an iPod touch?

Since the iPod touch has often been called an iPhone without the phone, does that mean it’s possible to jailbreak an iPod touch?

How Do You Fix a Wet iPod?

In the course of using them, iPods get wet. It’s just a fact of life. Whether we spill drinks on them, accidentally drop them in the tub, have kids who soak them in the sink, or any number of other watery mishaps, they iPods get wet. But a wet iPod doesn’t necessarily mean a dead iPod.

Is It Safe to Listen to an iPod While Shoveling Snow?

Is It Safe to Listen to an iPod While Shoveling Snow? It’s going to be safe for you, of course, unless you get in the way of a snow plow that you don’t hear because your music is up so loud. For your iPod, though, it can sometimes be another matter.

Cleaning Your iPod

Our sister site,, provides a good guide to cleaning your iPod without damaging it.